Matt Metal

Drink Of Choice: Beer

In Matt’s Spare Time: Matt loves sports and still finds time to coach a local girl’s softball team in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania and is an avid supporter of the local music scene.  He is currently spearheading a new project “A.B.E. Music Awards” (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton).  Matt also enjoys cooking, grilling and smokin, as well as taking in the pleasure of good places to eat, craft beer and sitting outside around a firepit.

Guilty Pleasures: 80’s Metal!  Arguing and getting Jay Hunter riled up ever since college.  Call him “Sybil”.

Ten Favorite Bands/Artists (No Particular Order):


Grateful Dead


Endzone (Look’em up)


Blue Oyster Cult

Murder Dolls / Wednesday 13



Motley Crue

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