Drink of Choice:    
Mountain Dew
In Schick’s Spare Time:  Steve enjoys being bent over a pool table (shooting pool…dirty minds), writing – especially poetry, and spending time with his wife and 6 children. Watching sports is his other main pass-time, since various limbs and body parts have been broken too many times to still
play, of which he did at U Penn in college, and Tamaqua High in high school. Watching is close enough these days.

Guilty Pleasures:    
80s New Wave music … actually .. just all 80s music, watching “The view” (No, that’s not a typo) and,
previously, crystal meth – 2022 is celebrating his 4th year of sobriety (aside from a lil smokey smoke).

Schick’s Top 10 Favorite Bands
(No Particular Order)
The Cure
The Psychedelic Furs
The Gaslight Anthem
Better Than Ezra
Counting Crows
Pearl Jam
Andrew McMahon & The Wilderness / Something Corporate
James McMurtry
Oingo Boingo
Gin Blossoms

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