Daimon Price


Daimon Price - irockradio.me profile picDrink of Choice:
Vanilla Coke

In Daimon’s Spare Time:
Daimon is a special education teacher, award winning Contemporary Christian singer songwriter – recording and performing artist, Music Director at LivingHope Lighthouse Church, and proud father of his 3 kids: Destiny, Jareth and Jaidyn! His favorite activity is taking his sons to EVERY concert he possibly can!!!

Guilty Pleasures:    The SPICE GIRLS! JEM and the HOLOGRAMS (80’s cartoon)

Daimon Price’s Top 10 Favorite Bands
(No Particular Order)
The Cure
Jars Of Clay
Collective Soul
Tears For Fears
Powerman 5000
The Beatles
Lacuna Coil


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