Rick Becker

New Becker PicDrink Of Choice: Coke Zero, without a doubt.

In Becker’s Spare Time: What is spare time? Rick hosts two podcasts; works as a travel agent;
exercises daily; plays basketball, hurling, Gaelic Football, and is a hiker; is learning Mandarin; and works
for multiple professional sports teams in his home area. When you add his work here at
WWW.iROCKRADiO.ME in connecting with artists for interviews, and working air-shifts, he is a pretty
busy guy.

Guilty Pleasures: It is hard to say, because Rick doesn’t feel guilty about anything.  He lives in Florida, and goes to Walt Disney World about once-per-week.  A man who will proudly take selfies while spinning on the tea cups probably doesn’t have too many guilty pleasures.

Ten Favorite Bands/Artists (No Particular Order):
Pearl Jam
Alanis Morissette
Bob Dylan
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
The Jellybricks
Billy Joel
The Beatles


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