“You Rock on iROCK”

IRR Feature - Guest DJ



Maybe you were a DJ (Mobile, College, Previous Career)

No matter what your experience, we want to give you the chance

to be a GUEST DJ  right here!!!

You choose the Rock – You introduce the Rock

New Rock – Classic Rock … As long as it ROCKS!

Here’s how to do it

STEP 1             If you don’t have a mic or digital recording app, you can download a free voice recorder app from your smartphone’s App Store.  (There are plenty to choose from)

STEP 2             Make a list of 5 to 6 Songs (Naming the Artist & Song). Make sure they are all different artists and please do NOT submit you or your neighbor’s cousin’s roomate’s band).  Those bands can submit their own material for approval.

STEP 3             Email your list to irockradio365@gmail.com or Direct Message it to us through our Facebook or Instagram accounts @irockradio.me.  Once we approve them you can record your introductions in separate mp3 or wav formats. (A sample outline is below)

STEP 4             Email your introductions to irockradio365@gmail.com  using the topic “You Rock on iROCK”.  All submissions must be in by Saturday, November 12th at 12pm Eastern time (USA).

STEP 5             Between Wednesday 11/23/22 & Saturday 12/3/22 Guest DJ introductions will be run randomly for an hour at a time, in between the iROCK DJs.  Each hour the guest DJ’s will be shuffled so that each Guest DJ can be heard at least 6 times a day.

HEY EVERYONE THIS IS (YOUR FIRST NAME) AND I ROCK FROM (TOWN/CITY & STATE OR EVEN COUNTRY IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE USA) … I CHOOSE TO PLAY (ARTIST / SONG)  BECAUSE (Include if you have a special story or memory about why you chose this artist or song … be creative, concert stories, memories of friends, parties,  etc) … HERE IT IS ON I ROCK RADIO DOT M E.

Recorded Introductions and song choices will be on shuffle with other listeners throughout the holiday over the course of an hour between the different iROCKRADiO.ME DJs shifts

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