Danika Wilde

Drink of Choice:    
Iced Caps from Tim Horton’s & Diet Pepsi.  There is no other option.

In Danika’s Spare Time:  Danika is our music obsessed Canadian girl who spends most of her time living that neurodivergent mom-life.  But every second she gets, goes to live music, modeling, binging shows/films and advocacy for mental health & chronic pain

Guilty Pleasures:    a.) Food makes Danika happy in general, but Garlic – GROSSLY Obesessed.  b.) Nerding out – Gaming & Cosplay.  c.) Writing lyrics to escape her head.

Danika’s Top 10 Favorite Bands
(No Particular Order)
Bad Omens
Nothing More
Breaking Benjamin
Memphis May Fire
Asking Alexandria
Linkin Park
Motionless In White
Wage War



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