Having trouble listening to us?

You may or may not have noticed that there has been times that when logging on to our website that the player was blank or you could not click on it.  iRockRadio.me & Live365 network has been having trouble with our coding of elements being played (songs and station IDs, etc).  This problem has been causing a de-listing issue for us.

It means the player would not show what we are playing and that you cannot click on it when de-listed.  It also means that if you look for us on the Live365 network (although we are there) you would not see us.

The only way to see us and listen to us would be if you had a direct link to us by having us as a Preset on your mobile Live365 app OR by having the direct link on your computer.  We believe we have figured out the problem and are trying to update all of the labeling / coding to resolve this from happening again.  In the meantime should this occur and you would like to listen.  Please mark us as a Preset for your mobile Live365 app or use this link on your computer:


We will also be working on other avenues of listening, but plan to remain with the Live365 Network as well.  We thank their technical help staff (Especially Gabi & Adam) for all of their help to resolve this issue.

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